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This page contains instructions for applying to the AMFS P.A.L.S. program as well as the AMFS 2019 summer season. These two programs have different application processes. Please read carefully!

P.A.L.S. Program 2019
A summer program of private lessons, chamber music, music education activities, and exclusive access to the Aspen Music Festival and School's summer season, specifically for students entering grades 1-12 who are full-time or full-summer residents of the Roaring Fork Valley

Applications open March 19, 2019 at noon (Mountain Daylight Time).  Application deadline is May 7, 2019 at 10pm (MDT).
  1. If you have an existing AMFS Student account (through Beginning Strings, Lead Guitar, Maroon Bel Canto Children's Chorus or previous P.A.L.S. participation), log in below as a "Returning user" (click "Log in to continue an application")
    • Then, under "Your Applications," click "Start New Application" to begin a 2019 P.A.L.S. application
    • If you have already started an application and are returning to finish it, click the link for your existing 2019 P.A.L.S. application under "Your Applications"
  2. If you do NOT yet have an AMFS Student account, create an account below as a "First-time user" by clicking "Create an account to start a new application."
Katie Hone Wiltgen
Director of Education and Community Programming
Heather Kendrick
Education and Community Coordinator

Aspen Music Festival and School Summer 2019 Application
Click HERE if you are interested in learning more about the Programs of Study offered at the Aspen Music Festival and School in the 2019 summer season.  Please direct any questions to the Office of Student Services. You may start your application using the window below.
Jalen Lee
Manager of Admissions and Student Affairs
Megan McDevitt
Manager of Enrollment and Student Benefits

Kathryn Sansone
Associate Dean
Jennifer White
Vice President and Dean of Students


Returning users:

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First-time users:

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Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO